Both novice skiers and pros are in the best of hands with us.

Join our lessons, explore the best slopes and improve your technique.

What to expect: SKISCHULE PERTL

  • teaches you the basics of alpine skiing such as balance, basic position, making turns and efficient controlling of the skis.
  • helps you reduce possible anxiety and fear about steep slopes and creates enthusiasm for the beauty and fascinationof our mountain world.
  • introduces you to varied terrains and snow conditions such as deep powder, moguls, steep and hard-packed pistes.

    Morning group lessons

    Days Price
    1 day 65,00 EUR
    2 days 120,00 EUR
    3 days 160,00 EUR
    4 days 190,00 EUR
    5 days 200,00 EUR
    6 days 215,00 EUR

    All prices are incl. 20% VAT.

    Lesson times

    Sunday through Friday

    Morning 10:00am - 1:00 pm

    Minimum group size is 5 people per group.